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The Structure of OXPD

Our organizational structure is used to delineate the role and responsibility of our members, clearly define unities of command, and provide a cohesive format for employee assignments. Below, we have presented our structure in a manner which offers better clarity for our site's visitors, as well as all stakeholders such as other officials and citizens.

The Oxford Police Department:

All members acting to collectively execute the mission statement of the agency, which at its core, is to provide services to the citizens and visitors of Oxford, Alabama.

The central governing element of the Oxford Police Department essential to the agency’s development, advocacy, and the fulfillment of essential services.

Subsidiaries of the Office of the Chief of Police which are tasked with fulfilling the services provided by the agency.


Detachments of the department's divisions where members are collectively utilized to accomplish specialized functions. Examples of our units are Aviation, Emergency Services, Honor Guard, and K-9.


Any member of the department who has been appointed by the Chief of Police to manage a component of our services. Examples of assignments would be: Training Coordinator, Unit Coordinators, Field Training Officers, Training Instructors, and many more.

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