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Obtaining a Protection From Abuse Order (PFA)


Obtaining a PFA is facilitated by the Calhoun and Cleburne County's District Attorney's Office. PFAs are not issued by the Oxford Police Department. An incident/offense report is not necessarily required to be filed by your local law enforcement agency prior to obtaining an order; however, in most cases it is preferred. The report is written documentation which outlines the specific incident/s which may warrant the order. It is always best to have a report filed for this purpose. Once your report is filed, you will then need to contact the Victim's Services Officer (VSO) at the District Attorney's Office (256-231-1770). After meeting with the VSO, your request will be forwarded to the Judge for further review. If granted, you will be notified and the order will be provided to the Calhoun or Cleburne County Sheriff's Office awaiting service. It is not until the defendant is served with the PFA that the victim can have the defendant arrested for violating the order.


District Attorney Brian McVeigh has more information about the process as his office facilitates these orders.

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Access this document for more information about PFAs and how they may be able to help you!



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