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Forensic's Unit


The department's crime lab processes evidence at crime scenes, analyzes narcotics and other physical evidence, and testifies to the validity of their findings during court proceedings. The crime lab plays a major role in the discovery of suspects and offenders, and to the prosecution of those accused. Our lab is outfitted with secure evidence storage facilities and many specialized tools used for forensic examinations.

Our Forensics Unit is steadily implementing new technology in order to stay ahead of the criminal element. Our crime lab is equipped so we may facilitate a wide array of technologies such as drug and fingerprint analysis equipment. Our crime lab also facilitates all evidence recovered throughout or investigations. The facility is climate controlled and allows us to maintain these pieces for many years as we await further steps in the judicial process. Below, you will find a photo gallery outlining many aspects of our forensics unit. Please click on the picture to learn more about this unit and the equipment we use. 


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