A brief history of the motor glider:


               The motor glider was obtained through the 1033 program (law enforcement surplus program) in approximately 2011 and was transferred to the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama. These were used as trainers for students attending the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. When we (Oxford Police, AL) obtained the aircraft in 2012, it was to be used as an observation platform and approximately 20 hours has been placed on the aircraft since in our possession. In 2013, a storm came through and pushed the hangar door off track causing damage to the spinner and prop. The damages are minor as shown in the images.


                The original registration of the Aircraft was N140XS but has since been changed to N305CJ. The reason for this change was related to law enforcement missions and is currently registered to Southeastern Gliders. I wouldn’t bother trying to search for the company as the Oxford police Department has always been in possession of the Aircraft. GSA explains the aircraft is scrap; however, I assure you that with the proper inspections and maintenance, this aircraft is fully capable of being flown. It does come with a standard airworthiness but will of course need a ferry permit before flying out. The log books, however, have been lost by a recent customer through GSA. Please feel free to contact him regarding the books as I'm unsure if he has since located them. His contact is below.


Richard Lightsey

Lightsey Corporation

Atlanta Office 404-829-2760

Macon Office 478-477-2020

Fax 800-741-1476

Cell 478-719-4484




                The Oxford Police Department has never experienced any significant problems with the aircraft and was an absolute joy to fly. It’s a very stable platform.




If you have any further questions you may call, text or email me.


Sgt. Jake Durham

Executive Officer to the Chief

Aviation Unit Coordinator




Airframe Time: 242

Engine Time: 228

Engine: 912 Rotax

Crew: 2

Gear: Retractable

Current Location: Anniston Aviation, AL     |     MAP



General (non-emergency): 256-831-3121   |   Chief of Police: 256-835-6108   |   Investigations: 256-835-6136   |   Animal Control: 256-591-4103